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On 25 August 2015 (reconfirmed on 22 October 2015) Spotless announced that “Subject to economics conditions, we expect the FY16 results (EBITDA and NPAT) to materially exceed FY15 results.”

FY15 statutory EBITDA and NPAT was $316.4m and $142.8m, respectively.

On 2 December 2015, Spotless disclosed EBITDA would be flat year on year and NPAT approximately 10% below FY15.

Nature of Claim

That Spotless had no reasonable basis for its 25 August and 22 October guidance.

Potential Class Members

Parties who purchased shares in Spotless on or after 25 August 2015 and who held some or all of those shares until 2 December 2015 (the “Period”).

Shares Traded in the Period

713 million.

Price Drop on Disclosure

$0.88 per share (Market cap drop of $961m).

Capacity to Join

Currently open.

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