About ICP


Investor Claim Partner (ICP) and ICP Capital provide benchmark claims management and funding services, offering over 60 years of combined specialist experience for its clients.

ICP was founded by leaders of the Australian class action industry.

Starting as a specialist service provider, its services were designed through round-table interaction with representatives of investment managers and super funds that invest over 30% of all Australian capital invested in ASX listed shares.

Drawing on the team’s broad experience, ICP now provides a full service offering, providing claims management, advisory and funding services in a number of practice areas. Click here to learn more.

ICP’s primary goal is to maximise the present value of claim proceeds through:

  • analysis of potential claims and enrolment of lawyers at competitive rates;
  • seeking early settlement with fair outcomes; or
  • managing and funding the litigation to conclusion at benchmark rates.

ICP Capital provides benchmark funding services. Click here to learn more about ICP’s funding services.

Advocating for the Public Interest 

ICP is a proud supporter of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), conducting strategic litigation to benefit the lives of Australians.

ICP supports PIAC by contributing to the ACO Guarantee Fund, established to indemnify clients whose claims should proceed for the public interest, without having to risk their assets or income.


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John Walker – CEO and Founder

John Walker provides ICP with a wealth of experience in: identifying, analysing, instigating and managing investor claims; having been instrumental in creating the Australian litigation funding market, which provided leadership for the emerging global litigation funding market.

In particular, John has been at the forefront in developing the ASX shareholder claim market for private enforcement of laws protecting the ASX and those who invest in Australian equities.

John holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Sydney and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne. After graduating from the University of Melbourne with majors in accounting and economics, he practiced accountancy with Deloitte Haskins and Sells (as it then was). On graduating from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Laws degree he practiced as a commercial litigator in Sydney.

In 1998 John founded Insolvency Management Fund Pty Ltd and in 2001, with Hugh McLernon, founded and listed IMF Australia Ltd, now IMF Bentham Ltd. In 2013, John and Hugh were recognized as being in “The Top 50 Innovators in Big Law in the Last 50 Years”.

More than anyone else, IMF (Australia) Ltd’s Hugh McLernon and John Walker pioneered the model for investing in lawsuits that’s starting to take hold in the United States and the United Kingdom.” The American Lawyer Magazine, 29 July 2013.

Aristocrat and Centro are amongst the major investor claims John has led.

Colin Cameron, City of Swan, said of the successful claims against Lehman Brothers and Standard & Poors:

“John Walker was the very steady hand, with the smarts. On many occasions I would call John and say we need to do this or that. Most of the time he was already on to it before I mentioned it. Sometimes I had to push hard against our legal team and found that John Walker was very supportive to help find a way. Had John not been there we would not have recovered as much as we did.”

Interview with ABC News on the Standard & Poor’s class action.

Radio interview with Ross Greenwood on Standard & Poor’s class action and QLD Floods class action.

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