Claim Funding Services


ICP funds Project Costs, including any adverse costs order

These financial services ensure class members have no monetary obligations other than from Claim Proceeds.

Benchmark Pricing

Benchmark fees for these financial services, if any, is a percentage of the Claim Proceeds typically between 5% and 22% depending on how far the claim proceeds towards trial, capped at an amount which ensures claimants receive at least 50% of the Net Claim Proceeds and subject to Court supervision.

Corporate Funding

ICP can finance corporates, law firms and insurers, unlocking the value of their legal assets while simultaneously offloading legal risk. This kind of funding provides flexibility, enabling financial resources normally sapped by legal proceedings to be allocated to other priorities.

Client Funding

Where there is a significant personal legal claim, ICP can provide finance to individuals, subject to the merits and likely quantum of the legal claim in question. ICP is only paid from Claim Proceeds, if any.

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