Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001
  • 12BB.   Misleading representations with respect to future matters 
Corporations Act 2001

CHAPTER 6CA–Continuous disclosure

  •  674.      Continuous disclosure–listed disclosing entity bound by a disclosure requirement in market listing rules
  •  675.      Continuous disclosure–other disclosing entities
  •  676.      Sections 674 and 675–when information is generally available
  •  677.      Sections 674 and 675–material effect on price or value
  •  678.      Application of Criminal Code to offences based on subsection 674(2), 674(5) or 675(2)
  •  728.      Misstatement in, or omission from, disclosure document
  •  729.      Right to recover for loss or damage resulting from contravention
  •  730.      People liable on disclosure document to inform person making the offer about deficiencies in the disclosure document
  •  731.      Due diligence defence for prospectuses
  •  732.      Lack of knowledge defence for offer information statements and profile statements
  •  733.      General defences for all disclosure documents

CHAPTER 7–Continuous disclosure

Civil Liability

  • 769C.     Representations about future matters taken to be misleading if made without reasonable ground
  • 1022A.   Definition
  • 1022B.   Civil action for loss or damage
  • 1022C.   Additional powers of court to make orders

Market Misconduct

  • 1041A.  Market manipulation
  • 1041H.  Misleading or deceptive conduct (civil liability only)
  • 1041I.    Civil action for loss or damage for contravention of sections 1041E to 1041H
  • 1041L.   Application of Division
  • 1041M.  Certain concurrent wrongdoers not to have benefit of apportionment
  • 1041N.  Proportionate liability for apportionable claims
  • 1041O.  Defendant to notify plaintiff of concurrent wrongdoer of whom defendant aware
  • 1041P.  Contribution not recoverable from defendant
  • 1041Q.  Subsequent actions
  • 1041R.  Joining non-party concurrent wrongdoer in the action
  • 1041S.  Application of Division
Federal Court Act

Part IVA – Representative Procedures


  • 33A.    Interpretation
  • 33B.    Application

Commencement of representative proceeding

  • 33C.    Commencement of proceeding
  • 33D.    Standing
  • 33E.    Is consent required to be a group member?
  • 33F.    Persons under disability
  • 33G.    Representative proceeding not to be commenced in certain circumstances
  • 33H.    Originating process
  • 33J.    Right of group member to opt out
  • 33K.    Causes of action accruing after commencement of representative proceeding
  • 33L.    Situation where fewer than 7 group members
  • 33M.    Cost of distributing money etc. excessive
  • 33N.    Order that proceeding not continue as representative proceeding where costs excessive etc.
  • 33P.    Consequences of order that proceeding not continue under this Part
  • 33Q.    Determination of issues where not all issues are common
  • 33R.    Individual issues
  • 33S.    Directions relating to commencement of further proceedings
  • 33T.    Adequacy of representation
  • 33U.    Stay of execution in certain circumstances
  • 33V.    Settlement and discontinuance–representative proceeding
  • 33W.    Settlement of individual claim of representative party


  • 33X.    Notice to be given of certain matters
  • 33Y.    Notices–ancillary provisions

Judgment etc

  • 33Z.    Judgment–powers of the Court
  • 33ZA.   Constitution etc. of fund
  • 33ZB.   Effect of judgment


  • 33ZC.   Appeals to the Court
  • 33ZD.   Appeals to the High Court–extended operation of sections 33ZC and 33ZF


  • 33ZE.   Suspension of limitation periods
  • 33ZF.   General power of Court to make orders
  • 33ZG.   Saving of rights, powers etc.
  • 33ZH.   Special provision relating to claims under Part VI of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 etc.
  • 33ZJ.   Reimbursement of representative party’s costs