Click here for the complete ASX Listing Rules – Guidance Note 8. This guidance note relates to listed company disclosure obligations. The contents of Guidance Note 8 are as follows:


The purpose of this Guidance Note
  • To assist listed entities to understand and comply with their continuous disclosure obligations under Listing rules 3.1, 3.1A and 3.1B
  • Listing Rule 3.1A sets out the exceptions to that general rule
  • Listing Rule 3.1B requires information to be disclosed to ASX if ASX asks for it to correct or prevent a false market
The main points it covers
  • When is information “market sensitive”?
  • What does “immediately” mean?
  • How to use trading halts to manage disclosure obligations
  • The exceptions to the requirement to disclose immediately
  • What is a “false market”?
  • Responding to media/analyst commentary/speculation and market rumours
  • Earning guidance and earnings surprises
  • ASX’s enforcement practices (including price queries and aware letters)
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