Register for the proposed RCR Tomlinson Class Action

If you purchased shares in RCR Tomlinson from 11 August 2017 to 11 November 2018 (inclusive) you may be eligible to participate in the proposed class action. To receive further information, please use the form below to register your interest. It is free to register and your information is held in confidence. You can read more about ICP’s privacy policy here.

For further information, please email or call 1800 26 26 00.

Step 1 – Please Select Your Account Type

To register your interest and to receive further information, please select the account type that best represents you:

  • Private /Retail Investor who held shares in person or via a superfund, trust / private company (example: ABC Pty Ltd) etc.
  • Institutional Investor such as an investment manager, hedge fund, industry super fund, asset manager, pension fund, sovereign wealth fund, etc.
  • Retail Service Provider that is registering on behalf of retail clients. This includes financial planners, stockbrokers, accountants, or any other retail service provider.
  • Claim Manager that is registering on behalf of an institution or a group of institutional investors.