Register for the Sims Class Action

If you purchased shares in SGM shares between 23 July 2014 and 19 February 2016 (inclusive) you may be eligible to participate in the proposed class action.

The Court has ordered that any relevant SGM shareholders wishing to register their claim need to do so by 4pm, 16 October 2020 (Sydney time).

We attach a copy of the Court’s notice regarding registration and opt-out for the Sims Class Action here.

Registration requires receipt of the Registration Form by ICP – duly completed, signed and dated by the appropriate authority.

Click here to access a copy of the Registration Form.

You’ll also find a copy of the form within the notice.

If you need to, you may refer to an attached schedule of trade data within the Registration Form that can be a spreadsheet, rather than use the Registration Form’s allocated space if you need more room.

Send your completed Registration Form to

Alternatively send completed forms by post to:

ICP – Sims Class Action

Level 13, 115 Pitt Street

Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia

In accordance with the Registration Form, registrants are also required to make a “best endeavours” attempt to provide documentary evidence of their transactions.

Please ensure you attach your documentary evidence (e.g. contract notes, statements of account) to your email to us.

For institutional investors – we require the best evidence available to you recording transaction details. If the best form of this documentary evidence is a spreadsheet, a statutory declaration must be submitted stating (words to the effect) that “the trade information provided in the corresponding spreadsheet(s) is the representative/only form of transaction records available to be provided as documentary evidence”.

Any questions?

Please email or telephone 1800 26 26 00 or +612 8039 6100.