Mesoblast Class Action – Register your interest

Before registering, please note:

  • By registering, you consent to the Scheme’s Funder (ICP Funding Pty Ltd) and the Scheme’s Responsible Entity (CASL Governance Ltd) contacting you and providing further information about the Scheme or Class Action;
  • Upon registering, you will be provided a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the Scheme, issued by CASL Governance Ltd as Responsible Entity of the Scheme;
  • Offers to participate in the Scheme can only be made via the PDS for the Scheme; and
  • Before making a decision to participate in the Scheme, you should read the PDS in full, with assistance from your professional advisers.


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*The information in this PDS is subject to change from time-to-time. Information that is not material information can be updated by CASL Governance Ltd and is found here.

Mesoblast Litigation Funding Scheme, ARSN 654 319 810. Responsible Entity for the Scheme is CASL Governance Ltd, ABN 97 643 977 833, AFSL No. 525889. ICP Funding Pty Ltd, ABN 32 626 526 458, Authorised Representative No. 1286235.