ASX Shareholder Claims

ISIN: AU000000YOW8
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Claim Overview

On 3 January 2018, Yowie Group Limited ACN 084 370 669 made announcements to the market which, among other things, downgraded its net sales growth guidance for FY18 from 55% down to just 17%. According to Yowie Group Limited, the downgrade has been made due to poor international performance, particularly in the US and Canada.

Gadens is interested in whether Yowie Group Limited and/or any of its officers have acted unlawfully in issuing the original guidance which was the subject of the downgrade and/or whether the company has complied with its continuous disclosure obligations to properly keep the market informed of all matters affecting its share price or value.

Potential Class Members

Gadens invites all current and past Yowie Group Limited shareholders to register their interest in participating in a possible shareholder class action against Yowie Group Limited and/or its directors. The potential claims could be based on breaches of the Corporations legislation, consumer protection legislation and continuous disclosure obligations.