ASX Shareholder Claims


Supreme Court of Victoria (SCI1318/2015).

File Title

Melbourne City Investments Pty Ltd v Myer Holdings Ltd (SCI1318/2015).

Date of Filing

25 March 2015.

Solicitors for Applicant

Tony Zita.

Class Members

Persons who acquired ordinary shares in Myer on or after 11 September 2014 and who were, at the commencement of trading on 19 March 2015, holders of any of those shares.

Capacity to Join

Open class.

Action Pleaded

It is alleged Myer has no reasonable grounds for disclosing its anticipated profit growth in the 2015 financial year made on 11 September 2014.


1. Subpoena – Application to set aside (13 May 2016).

2. Abuse of Process (9 December 2016).