Victoria Registry, Federal Court of Australia (VID1494/2016).

Date of Filing

29 December 2016.

Presiding Judge

Justice Beach.

Solicitors for Applicant

Portfolio Law.

Solicitors for Respondent

Clayton Utz.



Summary of Claim

TPT Patrol alleges it suffered loss and damage from statements made by Myer regarding its 2014 full-year results.

This claim follows on after the MCI claim in the Supreme Court of Victoria (SCI1318/2015) was struck out as an abuse of process.

Class Member

Shareholders who acquired ordinary shares in Myer:

  • on or after 11 September 2014; and
  • who held any of those shares at the commencement of trading on 19 March 2015 (“the relevant period”).
Capacity to Join

Currently open.

Status of Claim

Case Management Hearing & Interlocutory Hearing on 30 July 2018.