NSW Registry, Federal Court of Australia (NSD1684/2016).

File Title

Santa Trade Concerns Pty Ltd v Kim Robinson & Ors .

Date of Filing

29 September 2016.

Presiding Judge

Justice Wigney.

Justice Lee.

Solicitors for Applicant

Piper Alderman.

Solicitors for Respondent

Solicitor for the Fourth Respondent: Jackson McDonald

Solicitor for the Sixth Respondent: Minter Ellison


IMF Bentham Limited.

Class Members

It is alleged that the company made misleading and deceptive statements to the market between September 30, 2010 and April 2012.

Capacity to Join


Action Pleaded

The claim alleged the directors of Kagara:

  1. made misleading representations to the market concerning Kagara’s net profit and net assets; and
  2. did not disclose material information to the market in its Half Yearly and Annual Reports from 29 September 2010.
Current Status

Interlocutory Hearing on 27 July 2018.