Supreme Court of New South Wales (2017/00234966).

File Title

Alan Smith v KPMG Financial Advisory Services (Australia) Pty Ltd

Solicitors for Applicant

Piper Alderman.


LCM Finance.

Class Members

Shareholders who acquired shares in DML between 23 November 2012 and 15 February 2013 and continued to hold those shares after 15 February 2013 for a period of time, you may be eligible to receive a share of settlement monies which may result from an in principle settlement of the DML Class Action (subject to the approval of the Court).

Capacity to Join

The Registration Deadline was 4pm (Sydney time) on 12 October 2018.  If you have missed the Registration Deadline, but you would still like to register your claim to be considered in any in principle settlement of the DML Class Action, please contact Piper Alderman.

Current Status
  • Notice of Motion 12 October 2018 before Justice Stevenson.
  • Hearing fixed for 25 March 2019 (estimate of 15 days).