ASX Shareholder Claims


Supreme Court of Victoria (SCI1631/2015).

File Title

Melbourne City Investments Pty Ltd v Leighton Holdings.

Date of Filing

26 November 2013.

Presiding Judge

Justice Judd.

Solicitors for Applicant

Mark Elliott.

Counsel for the Applicant

Norman O’Bryan and Michael Seymore.

Solicitors for Respondent

Allens (Sydney).

Counsel for the Respondent

S.H. Parmster.

Class Members

People who acquired ordinary shares in Leighton after 23 November 2010 and who were at the commencement of trading on 3 October 2013 holders of any of those shares.

Action Pleaded

Alleged failure by Leighton to disclose to ASX services bribery allegations in connection with the contract between Leighton Offshore Ltd and Unaoil Ltd in 2010.

Status of Claim

On 7 September 2015 the Supreme Court of Victoria – Court of Appeal granted a permanent stay on the basis that the proceeding was brought for an improper purpose; namely to use them as a means of generating income for Mr Elliott rather than to recover compensation.


1. Strike Out (31 January 2014).

2. Strike Out First Instance (14 April 2015).

3. Strike Out Court of Appeal (7 September 2015).