Third Party Shareholder Claim Administration Services - Overview

ICP provides global, independent, unbiased and customised services to institutional investors in respect of third party shareholder claims, including:


  • Monitoring and Identification services to identify potential claims that may be of interest to its clients;
  • Efficient and confidential Trade Data Management services to enable the provision of identification, assessment and claim proceed receipt services;
  • Analysis services (reviewing the claims against comparable claim assessment criteria and estimating clients’ claim values);
  • Claim Aggregation services through communications with other institutions who have similar claims with an aim of maximising the total claim value of ICP clients;
  • Communication services through communications with the Lawyers and any Litigation Funder to:
    • facilitate any appropriate changes to the commercial terms of the Lawyers and Funders Contracts and/or Funding Terms made available through the claim aggregation service;
    • facilitate the execution of these Contracts where ICP is delegated authority provided the Contracts do not require any payment by ICP clients other than from claim proceeds; and
    • stay informed about progress, including tracking and acting on relevant deadlines;
  • Client Reporting services through reporting to ICP’s clients on material developments in respect of the claim and, in any event, every three months on the progress of the claim; and
  • Claim Proceed Receipt services through provision of all clients’ trade data required for settlement to maximise claim proceeds.

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