Claim Manager Registration for Vocus

Claim Manager Registration
Claim – Vocus Group Ltd

This registration page is for entities that manage a group of individuals or institutions in the recovery of loss via class actions, otherwise known as Claim Managers. If you are not a Claim Manager, please return to the registration options by clicking here.

To register as a Claim Manager, please provide the following information:

Contact Details:

Step 2 Acknowledgement:

By registering for the proposed class action, I acknowledge that I, or the entity I am registering on behalf of, purchased VOC shares during the proposed Claim Period and are seeking further information (the “Claim Information”) solely to decide whether to participate in the claim.

Further to the above, by registering my interest in the proposed class action, I agree that I will keep the Claim Information confidential, I will not use the Claim Information for any other purpose and I agree to your Terms of Use.

Step 3 – Submit Your Registration